The project is based old project pops, which was made in the early 2000s, but reinterpreted and remade for a new reality.
Now you can buy them as NFT.

I will create only 1000 unique jumpers, drawn frame-by-frame.


Matrëshko — 1ETH

Minecrafto — 0.5ETH

Samuraio — 0.666ETH


Ksoids — 1ETH

Cryptobunnies — 1ETH

Mechnuggets — 1ETH

Highest price

Dittooo — 10ETH

ManekiNekoo — 5ETH

SailorMoono — 5ETH

Lowest price

Narutoo — 0.001ETH

Squidwardo — 0.01ETH

Catoro — 0.0123ETH

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First 100 popsiki's curated by rariverse, created by Ilya Kazakov, 2021